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  • Nashville School District
    250 administrators from 131 schools took FranklinCovey training.  Their goal is to train all 10,000 employees including 5700 classroom teachers.

    ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGE: Create a Unified Company Culture
    Location: Tennessee, U.S.A.
    Date of Study: 2005
    TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Success Story
    Pages: 1    Illustrations: 1
    FRANKLINCOVEY SOLUTION: Leadership, The 7 Habits
    Author: N/A
  • NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS: Building a Strong Corporate Culture in a Newly Merged International Company

    With 60,000 employee stretched across the globe, the newly merged Nokia Siemens Networks needed to bridge a large number of cultural as well as logistical challenges.  The Northeast Europe division worked with FranklinCovey Nordic Approach to train the leadership team in the 7 Habits as well as the principles of FOCUS.  This case is also available in Danish.                                                                                                                 

    Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) leverer infrastruktur - dvs. master, kabling, udstyr, software mv. - til fastnet- og mobilnetoperatører verden over, bl.a. Telemor. Virksomheden blev etableret i 2007, hvor Nokias og Siemens' networksforretningerblev fusioneret i et nyt globalt selskab med ca. 60.000 ansatte.

    ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGE: Create a Winning Culture, Improve Communication, Create a Unified Company Culture, Manage Change: Merger, Expansion etc.
    TYPE OF ORGANIZATION OR INDUSTRY: Communication/Media/Telecommunications
    Location: Northeast Europe
    Date of Study: September 2009
    TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Success Story
    Pages: 3    Illustrations: 0
    FRANKLINCOVEY SOLUTION: The 7 Habits, 5 CHOICES / FOCUS: Individual Effectiveness
    Author: N/A
  • Nomaco Tarboro, First and Foremost
    The Tarboro plant manufactures polymer foam extrusions for toy, recreational, marine, and other markets.  In 2004, the plant was suffering from a lack of cooperation across its nine departments. Production costs exceeded budgets, and revenues and employee morale were down.  After implementing The 4 Disciplines of Execution, the company succeeded in reducing production costs by $500,000 and improving operational efficiencies by 800 percent. Morale also significantly improved.

    ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGE: Improve Employee Morale/Commitment, Create a Unified Company Culture
    Location: Tarboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.
    Date of Study: 2004-2006
    TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Case Study
    Pages: 3    Illustrations: 3
    FRANKLINCOVEY SOLUTION: The 4 Disciplines of Execution, xQ Survey (Execution Quotient)
    Author: Dean W. Collinwood